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                                              CHARGE AND SPIN-POLARIZED TRANSPORT

                                Spintronics, or Magnetoelectronics, is the study of the behaviour of the other degree of freedom of the
                                electron –the spin–, in addition to the degree of freedom studied in previous simulations, the charge.

                                Spin transport: "Spin is a fundamental quantum-mechanical property. It is the intrinsic angular momentum
                                of an elementary particle, such as the electron. [...] Any charged object possessing spin also possesses an
                                intrinsic magnetic moment. It has been known for decades that in ferromagnetism the spins of electrons
                                are preferentially aligned in one direction. Then, in 1988, it was demonstrated that currents flowing from
                                a ferromagnet into an ordinary metal retain their spin alignment for distances longer than interatomic
                                spaces, so that spin and its associated magnetic moment can be transported just as charge. This
                                means that magnetization as well can be transferred from one place to another.

                                                                                                D. Treger, S. A. Wolf, , AccessScience, McGraw-Hill Companies (2008)

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