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                                          THE GUNN EFFECT


    In 1963, J. B. Gunn reported that...
    "When a pulsed electric field of several kV/cm is applied to a homogeneous
specimen of III-V semiconductor by means of "ohmic" contacts, an instability in
the current is observed. Under suitable circumstances this instability takes the
form of an oscillatory component superimposed upon the normal pulse current.
[...] The design and performance of a solid-state microwave oscillator [...] is
discussed. This oscillator permits the generation of useful amounts of microwave
power by a simple device which operates at room temperature without a magnetic
field, which contains no p-n junctions, has no inconveniently small dimensions, and which should be
cheap to manufacture.

                                            "Recent work on the direct generation of microwaves in bulk semiconductors",
                                                        J. B. Gunn, Electron Devices Meeting (1963) p. 24.
                                                                    Picture of J. B. Gunn: IEEE Trans. Elec. Dev. ED-23, 7 (July 1976) 786

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